Chess Lessons in Murray, Utah

To begin, I’m Jonathan Whitcomb, a chess tutor living in Murray, Utah, so you won’t be surprised that I recommend getting private lessons from a chess instructor like me. Yet other options are available, if you would try a cheaper way to learn how to play and win. For the raw beginner, the player who knows the rules of the game but has little practical ability in winning, I recommend my book: Beat That Kid in Chess.

Chess Book for the Raw Beginner

Do you know how to move the pieces around, knowing the rules of chess, but have become frustrated because you lose every game? Beat That Kid in Chess can teach you, in a few short and precise lessons, how to win a game against another raw beginner. That ability will not come to you just from a casual reading of this chess book, however, for you’ll need to follow the instructions and think through the tactics of those pages.

Chess Tutoring in the Salt Lake Valley

On June 10, 2016, the price offered on Amazon, for Beat That Kid in Chess, was $13.40. That’s less than what I charge for one private chess lesson: $25. But keep in mind that in your first chess-instruction with me, you’ll get a free copy of that book. And that first lesson will be specifically organized according to your personal needs in your progress in chess. It’s unlikely that any history of the royal game will be discussed: much more likely it will be specific details about what you know about the sound chess moves you make and about those other chess moves, the ones that are unsound. And I’ll explain why other moves are better. You’ll learn not only the whats but the whys.

Jonathan Whitcomb

Jonathan Whitcomb (from a mini-documentary)

According to the City of Murray business license that I have, I cannot teach chess in my own home, for it is licensed as a home office, not as a location for transactions or sales. But I can drive to your location or to a public park or library convenient to both of us.

Other Ways of Learning to Play Chess Better

Learn the modern algebraic notation of chess. That way, you can record the games you play for future study. Of course it may be easier to learn that notational language from a chess tutor such as myself, but regardless of how you learn it, make it a habit to record the games you play so that you may be able to learn from your mistakes.

Play against opponents who are slightly stronger than you are. After each game that you lose, ask your opponent how you might have done better.

You don’t have to live in the Salt Lake Valley to benefit from the teaching that I give. Reading over my chess blog posts will cost you nothing and may instruct you in ways that you had never before imagined. Some of my blogs include the following:

  • Best Chess for Children
  • Chess Charms
  • Chess Say Yes
  • Queen Versus Rook
  • Caress of Chess
  • [and many more]


Whitcomb in a Youtube chess instructional video

Jonathan Whitcomb, chess coach, teaching a rare chess end game



Chess Tutor in Central Salt Lake Valley

Tutor is the author of book Beat That Kid in Chess . . . You can learn at your own pace, and  this chess tutoring is only $25/lesson.

Chess Instruction in Utah

For most students (children, teenagers, or adults), a lesson will be for one hour. With some younger children, however, it may be advisable to have a shorter lesson, suitable to the attention span of those youngsters.

Different Levels of Chess Beginners

For these persons [at the level KRO – Knowing the Rules Only] I wrote my new book Beat That Kid in Chess. Basic tactics and careful avoidance of throwing away pieces—those are essential to improving from this skill level to the next one.


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